Thursday, December 28, 2006

LIke Mother Like Daughter

I was going through some old baby photos recently and was amazed at the resemblance between me and Halle. Im not sure how old I was in the first picture but I am 6 months in the second. Halle was just 9 mo. at the time of these pics. I dont know if you can see the resemblance as much from these photos alone but because we see her all the time and making the same faces I was in these phots, the similarities are striking to us. It is so fun to have a mini-me!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Little Fisherman

In November, we went up to Moosecamp for the weekend with Landon and Lorna and Uncle Jimmy. Hayden had a blast fighing. He is a real outdoorsman in the making (like father like son) despite his love of ballet. I hope this will help put an end to the flak dad got for that video!

Big Boy Chonies!

Well, I thought that wearing big boy chones would be an incentive for using the potty (in which Hayden has negative interest). When Grandma Betty bought him some with Thomas (the love of his life) on them, I gave it a try. No luck. I am determined to be patient as I have heard from so many people that the older they are the easier it is and that if they're not ready it's not worth pushing it.......I just hope its before he's 5!!! Meanwhile, Thomas and James are waiting in the drawer.....