Friday, December 21, 2007

It's been a while

since I have written on my other blog.  For those of you who read it, I posted something today and hope to do so more often now. Just thought Id let you know assuming that the few readers previously interested probably have given up on me..... sorry for the silence.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Woah Blogger...

Has anyone else noticed the new posting features on blogger.  Its confusing me and I havn't quite figured out how to make it work yet hence the appearance of the entry below. 


Yikes! Warning: Not for the squeemish....
So, Tuesday before Thanksgiving Hayden and I were baking the grahmcrackers we needed for the crust of our (amazing) pumpkin cheesecake.  This was to be the first step in the multiple day bake off taking place at our house.  This year, I was in charge of dessert, not just for Thursday, but for the whole weekend, for 23 people.   Needless to say, I had a very detailed plan of attack.  There was little room for delay if I was going to succeed at this task and also have time to whip out some homemade bread to substitute the traditional store bought roles.  I was taking all this very seriously, a little to seriously come to find out, because I saw this as my opportunity to finally prove myself qualified to handle a significant portion of famous Ganyo Family feast.  I was feeling hurried and distracted by my kids.  I was loosing focus when all of the sudden focus flew out the window all together as I heard Hayden screaming OWIE! OWIE!.........With one glance I knew we were headed to
the hospital.  He had got ahold of my
newly honed Santoku knife and cut
deep into his finger.  Blood was 
gushing everywhere (save the cracker
dough, thank goodness!) and I could see fat cells streaming out.
Four hours and seven stitches later we were at Baskin Robbins for dollar
scoop night.  We first told Hayden that we would buy him as many scoops of ice cream as he had stitches.  I was thinking he would only need 3! By the fifth one we regreted our promise.  (Dont worry, we only got him 2 in the end, he didnt really know the difference.)
Sewing up a three year olds finger 
was no simple task.  They required he
be wrapped like a mummy in a sheet 
and pinned down so he couldn't move! It was a painful 45 minutes for everyone but Hayden did great.  
Hopefully, we can make it to the end
of the year without another visit to 
the ER!

This Year At Apple Hill

One of our family traditions is to go to Apple Hill in the Fall. We usually go before Halloween but this year we didn't make it until November. We visited a new spot this year, High Hill, which features a well stocked trout fishing pond that is an absolute rip off. They make you pay 8$ per pound for the fish you catch and fine you 100$ for throwing one back! Like anyone would even eat them.....who knows what they put in the water or feed them! There was lots of other fun stuff though and most importantly, lots of sweet apple treats!

Pond Fishing, Pony Rides and More!


Well, about 3 hours ago I started messing around on the computer and here it is almost 1 AM and I am still not happy. I wanted to respond to the few of you who asked how to put a different header on your blog. It was really quite an easy process, sort of. I just made the picture myself and then added it in the "configure header" section. My problem is Ill sit here for hours and hours trying to get the dumb thing to look right.........ugh, Im so tired I could cry. Im giving up now, this will have to do for now. I really wanted to post pictures of our recent emergency room visit (yes, dad brought the camera!), thanksgiving and more. Guess ill have to wait. Im out.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Festivites

We began our sweet eating binge at 8 am at the party in the childcare at the gym. I tried hard to limit what the kids ate but they always seemed to be eating something from someone elses bag or off the floor. Oh well, its once a year I kept reminding myself. In the afternoon we joined the entire city of Woodland downtown for the city trick or treat carnival. We just barely avoided getting mauled by huge crowns of rowdy teens and almost lost one child or both a record minimum of 2 times. We finished up by going to a few doors around Mimi and Papa's neighborhood, just the few that know us and give us gigantic individual bags of candies and goodies (and a beer for mom and dad!) Phew, we're pooped and everyone has a tummy ache. Hopefully we'll all be recovered by tomorrow.
Here are some pis of all the fun in costume. Halle fought against wearing the bee as hard as she could hence her general fussiness in the early morning depicted here in the photos. Dont miss the one of her slapping her brothers face, brother holding his cheek in pain only to stick his face in hers again and get swatted one more time. The main cause of her foul disposition was not wanting to wear the hood as I was attempting to get some good pics of them. Also notice the pis of Halle ripping off a wrapper with her teeth after asking me incesantly to open the candy for her and being refused. She doesnt usually take no for an answer.

Halle Learns to Trick-or-Treat

This was Halle's first year of trick or treating. She had no clue what to do. Thankfully, we practiced in the morning at the party at the gym. The kids trick or treated to the office and the front desk. Here is Hale learning what to do. The nice lady in the office was patient and helped her learn. It took her a while to figure it out but by the end of the day, she finally caught on (a little too well!!)

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone has a fabulous time enjoying fun festivities...more costume pics to come.

Halloween Time at Disneyland

We decided to brave the poor air quality and check out Disneylands special Halloween exhibits. It was well worth it. Highlights include: Hayden finally goes on Dumbo! (he has always been too scared in the past) & the supercool pumpkin carvers, check out the skeleton!


Mom went to Chicago for a few days with 17 other family members, not including dad or kids! I finally saw the musical Wicked, did lots of shopping and enjoyed time with family.

Precious Littles

We had a family dinner the night before mom left for Chicago at Bistro 33, a nice restaurant in Davis. They feed us for free because Brian is sort of their resident photographer for events. Yum! Anyway, the kids were so cute and on very good restaurant behavior (unusual).

Finished product

We even lit him up and made him glow!

Pumpkin Carving!

Here we are working hard. Hayden had so much fun but he did NOT want to put his hand inside to get the stuff out. He actually carved many of the lines on his pumpkin himself!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cal Poly vs. Davis

Go Mustangs! Hayden and I joined a bunch of friends from our young marrieds group at the Horseshoe Classic (I think they call it something cheesy like that). We even tailgated! We got all decked out in green and gold. I was a little nervous at first because I didnt want to be too abnoxious or have people boo at me for wearing the opponents colors. But luckily, to my surprise there was a huge amount of Cal Poly fans so we are not at all alone. In fact, there were several other Cp alum in our little group. We had so much fun, Hayden would go on my shoulders and we would dance to the fight song every time they scored. My sholders started to tire after the 4th or 5th one!!!! The final score: Stangs 63, Aggies 28. Woohoooooooo!!!!

What Should I Make For Breakfast?

Day after day Hayden watches me stare into the cupboard and ask "what should we make for _______?" He took it upon himself to do so this morning. He even had his apron on.

Unphotogenic Halle

Halle does not like her picture taken. In fact, neither does Hayden and I've pretty much given up hope that any future child of mine will either. I think its a genetic trait they inherited from their father. For someone who loves to take pictures, I sure dont enjoy shooting them. It is next to impossible to get either one of them to look at the camera, not to mention smile. Here are some exapmles.

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Our first preschool field trip! We visited a local pumpkin patch with Hayden's class. They each got to pick a pumpkin and then we had snack. It was a blast! Here are some pics.

Born to be a Mustang

In attempt to keep my house clean for an upcoming open house, I thought I would keep the kids entertained at the table. This way they wouldn't spread toys all over the house. Hayden had been asking to paint for the last few days and I continued to deny his request seeing that he gets his painting in at preschool these days. But, tonight I figured "what the heck, I'll put the splat mat down and clean wont be bad." FALSE. As you can see, things got messy really quick. Halle began to paint all over her face, mouth and teeth! Of course, big brother figures if she's gonna get away with it, he will too. I was in the middle of juggling various dinner items on the stove and in the oven and couldn't tackle the mess right away. Brian was still at work so they continued to put paint everywhere until I could get away to carry them to the bath tub. By that time Halle was furiously screaming because the paint started to dry on her skin and she was not happy! It went from bad to worse real fast. At least I got these pics of Halle (before she went into hysterics) sporting her green and gold pride. I thought it was so funny that it looked like she painted her face for a football game I had to take a picture and send it to our friends who we are planning to go to the Cal Poly/Davis game with.