Monday, January 01, 2007

Wedding Day!!!!

Hayden was the cutest ring bear (as he called it) in the whole world! HE did awsome the whole night! He headed down the isle with no hesitation. About 3/4 of the way down he realized that he couldnt see me (I was too far to the side) or grandma (who he was supposed to go staight to). He started to turn around and head back to the door. The crowd got him to turn and keep going but he started screaming "mama, mama!" He finally saw me and then grandma and ran the rest of the way. IT was so cute!.....Just the right amount of error for a funny memory. I cant wait to see it on video because I couldnt see him until he was almost all the way down. Halle hated being in the nursery through it all, but that;s what was requested. Everyone got to see her looking super cute in her dress that Grandma made. We had a few family dances at the reception and then they went home with Grandma. It was all super fun and SUPER exhasting!

Wedding Festivities Begin!

Here we are at Ryan and Jenny's rehursal. It was crazy! The excitment of it really got to Hayden and he went biserk! He only practiced walking down the isle once so we were a bit nervous about what he would do at the wedding.

Christmas Morning

Well, these photos aren't very exciting but we didn't have much time because we were late for breakfast with the Ganyo fam. Halle was just like Hayden last year and enjoyed the boxes and tissue far more than what was inside. Hayden was thrilled to open his new choo-choos and kept saying "more penents (presents) mom!".

Christmas Baking

This was Haydens first real baking experience. He loved it. He helped me scoop the flour out of the bag and was in charge of turning the mixer on and off. He also helped roll the dough and use the cutters. The kitchen was a disaster afterward and I would hardly call his part in it "helpful", but it was a lot of fun for everyone. The best part was licking the beaters (and then eating the cookie of course!)