Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Outdoor Girl

Halle is starting to love being outside to play. She has started standing at the front door and crying to be let out like a dog! Just today she threw a fit when we brought her inside from the fromt lawn because it was raining. What else could I get to calm her enough so as to not wake her brother from his nap but GOLDFISH!!! Here she is enjoying herself while brother was making a mess of the leaves.

Hayden loves to rake the leaves and play in them. Here he is on a surprisingly warm winter day helping to clear the lawn.

Snack Time!

Here are some great photos of Halle looking super cute while snacking (a favorite pastime of hers). She is a sucker for goldfishies and mother, like daughter!!!!

It's my party and l'll cry if I want to!

On the day of her birthday, Halle had a fabulous party. She had a blast! The only time she was even a teeny bit distressed was when we put the birthday hat on her. She was not a fan. She loved the cake though! Here are some snapshots of all the fun we had.
Halle had so much fun. The excitemnet of it all didn't even phase her. She was a trooper! Brother got a little crazy on her a few times but she held it together. By the end, she and dad were pooped!

Birthday Cake!

Halle enjoyed her very first piece of cake. She knew right what to do with it!

Halle Turns One

Many of our family and friends were there to celebrate.