Friday, April 20, 2007

Bedtime Stories

Hayden and mom reading our library books before bed.

Halle's Bible Study

Here is Halle tediously studying my Bible with pen in hand. She took detailed notes in the margins and beyond. Needless to say, my time reading was cut short.


Don't be fooled by all the shots of Halle looking all dolled up in her dresses and matching hair bows. This is how she normally looks! Hair crusted to the snot and everything! She is still precious though. Great shot dad!

Our Friend Shealyn

Shealyn is one of the cutest babies I know. Just look at those eyes! I tried to enter her into Regis and Kelly's Baby search but she just missed the cut off date for year! I just had to show off how cute Halle's friend is.

Noelle Turns One!

We were so glad we were able to make it to Noelle's first birthday party. We had so much fun! Here she is in her pink polka dots and eating her first cupcake (free of wheat and milk of course! Yummy!!!!)

Noelle got a pool for her birthday so we decided to try it out. Here she is telling us how old she is. Halle was screaming her head off because she wanted in the pool. Then, as you can see, she screamed her head off because she wanted out! She's so fickle. Hayden manged to get completely drenched with water without actually going in the pool. Giving Noelle kisses was well worth it!


After all the comotion died down, Halle and Noelle changed into their matching shirts that Auntie Corey gave them for their birthday's. (Thank you Auntie Corey!!!) They were both pooped and didnt really want to smile for anymore pictures but we snuck in a few. Look how well they play together!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Easter!

Here are the kids looking super cute on Easter morning.

Halle's Easter Dress

Halle's Easter dress was precious. She wore it when she was 1 month old to a special wedding, when she was dedicated at church at 7 months and again on Easter at 14 months! Grandma Betty bought her the hat for Easter. She was such a doll!

Here they are with their Easter baskets. Hayden got some paints, coloring books and silly putty and Halle got a new book. They were very excited. It was rough keeping the candy away from them though. They seemed to sense it was around even when they couldn't see it.

Childcare Easter Party

Hayden and Halle had an Easter egg hunt with all the children from the childcare at the gym. Halle got really mad because kids kept taking eggs away from her. She really liked to crack them open and put it back together again. She cared nothing about what was inside (phew!)

Playdough Pizza

Hayden and I had a blast making pizza out of playdough. We put all kinds of veggies on it! Hayden actually took a bite! Yuck!