Saturday, May 12, 2007

Playing with Macy Grace

Hayden, in order to distinguish between his two friends named Macy, now refers to this Macy as Macy Grace. Here they are having loads of fun as always.

Day Out With Thomas

We have been anxiously awaiting this day for months. It was surely the most fun and excitement Hayden has ever had (not even Disneyland could compare). The rest of us were pretty entertained too. Check out the video.

Our New Backyard

We've been working hard in the back yard. We finally got grass and our other plants are blooming and pretty. The kids have a blast playing in the water and riding bikes. Hayden plays outside while Im working in the kitchen and he almost always comes back in naked! He loves to bask in the buck so much that I starting putting sunscreen on his bootie!!!! Here he is shanelessly bearing all while fishing.