Sunday, July 22, 2007

Slip and Slide

Thanks Auntie Jenny and Uncle Ryan for the awesome slip ans slide! It is a big hit. Mom and Dad got a big kick out of taking a turn down Lightining McQueen's speedway too. It took us back...ahh the good old days when a ten foot long strip of plastic and a hose was enough fun for the whole summer......

Hayden's Birthday

Here are some shots of the birthday party fun! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


We're sorry we are not there with you!!!

Beach Babes

Here we are the the beach enjoying the nice, overcast, muggy OC weather. It didn't stop Hayden from dashing to the water or Halle from ingesting handfuls of sand. The beach just isnt what it used to be without kids, hours of relaxing sunbathing and reading with an occasional refreshing dip. Maybe someday I will know that bliss once again. Until then, this is how we do it.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!

After spending the night before and the morning of in Tahoe shooting a wedding and celebrating my birthday, we caught a plane to OC to be with my family for more birthday celebrations. We celebrated that night at dinner with the grandparents, aunts, etc. The MOST exciting part of this evening (even more exciting than the disneyland season passes) was Halle's choice of food. She literally had been eating next to nothing for the past 2 weeks. Fifth's disease lasts for 2-3 weeks and causes decresed appetite. I had got into the habit of not even making her anything to eat for the sake of not wasting food as I had been the week prior. I would go through all the trouble to make her something good and she would eat one bite and then cry. UGH! Slowly but surely her apetite has returned in the last few days and it was obvious at the restraunt that night because after being offered nothing to eat, she grabbed this HUGE plate of broccoli that was served to Hayden and just started chowing. Broccoli RARELY makes it down Halle's throat when she's well. I couldnt believe my eyes as I watched her scarf it down, it was a proud moment. The pictures dont do justice to the size of this plate of veggies but I had to share them!

Little Photographer

It seems Hayden has inhereted the gene. He LOVES to take pictures and is actually getting really good at it. He has learned how to look through the viewfinder and make sure he is aiming at what he wants to take a picture of. I had to shw off this shot he took of me. Isn't it great!?


Even though I was still sick, we decided to take the 2 hr trip up to Yellowstone. I am so glad we did. I was absolutely amazing! We saw Elk, a bison and a few bald eagles in addition to the giesers, waterfalls, and pools of boiling volcanic material. Be sure and notice the pic of Hayden responding to natures call by the river. It sure was a sight for the other visitors, he got just as many looks as the bull elk basking in the sun across the way. On our way out, we traveled through the city of West Yellowstone, Montana and had the best ice cream ever. It was a different culture out there. Jackson, Wyoming was very similar, true cowboy towns.....and I thought I lived in "small town USA"!

Country Girls

Okay, so we are more like city girls than counrty girls but it's fun to pretend sometimes. The scenery was so great in the evening that I insisted on taking someones picture. Halle was the easiest target. She was filthy with dirt and food all over her face and WAY overtired (these were taken at 8 pm! - It didnt get dark there until 10.) but I wiped her clean, stuck her in a dress and made her give me something of a smile. She is precious! Enjoy!


We went on a family vacay to the Northeastern part of Idaho near to where Brian's parents recently bought some property to build a second home on. It was gorgeous! The trip as a whole was not the best vacation ever due to the fact that I was limited in the outdoor activities I could do at the spur of the moment given the presence of my kids and the spread of the 24 hour stomach flu that started with me and made its way around to everyone else (except the kids - hallelujah!) AND Halle having a HORRIBLE rash all over her body known as "Fifth's disease" that got increasingly worse in the heat which there was plenty of there in Idaho. That said, we still managed to have a good time. We started this little saying, "I-da-Ho, Who-da-HO?, YOU-da-HO" with Hayden and it was really funny because anytime he heard anyone say Idaho, he would repeat the phrase in this deep voice. So silly. Anyway, here's a bunch of posts with pics of all the fun we had. Here we are picnicing riverside after the boys spent the morning fishing. Halle was totally miserable which made the time considerably less enjoyable for me too. Oh well.