Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Woah Blogger...

Has anyone else noticed the new posting features on blogger.  Its confusing me and I havn't quite figured out how to make it work yet hence the appearance of the entry below. 


Yikes! Warning: Not for the squeemish....
So, Tuesday before Thanksgiving Hayden and I were baking the grahmcrackers we needed for the crust of our (amazing) pumpkin cheesecake.  This was to be the first step in the multiple day bake off taking place at our house.  This year, I was in charge of dessert, not just for Thursday, but for the whole weekend, for 23 people.   Needless to say, I had a very detailed plan of attack.  There was little room for delay if I was going to succeed at this task and also have time to whip out some homemade bread to substitute the traditional store bought roles.  I was taking all this very seriously, a little to seriously come to find out, because I saw this as my opportunity to finally prove myself qualified to handle a significant portion of famous Ganyo Family feast.  I was feeling hurried and distracted by my kids.  I was loosing focus when all of the sudden focus flew out the window all together as I heard Hayden screaming OWIE! OWIE!.........With one glance I knew we were headed to
the hospital.  He had got ahold of my
newly honed Santoku knife and cut
deep into his finger.  Blood was 
gushing everywhere (save the cracker
dough, thank goodness!) and I could see fat cells streaming out.
Four hours and seven stitches later we were at Baskin Robbins for dollar
scoop night.  We first told Hayden that we would buy him as many scoops of ice cream as he had stitches.  I was thinking he would only need 3! By the fifth one we regreted our promise.  (Dont worry, we only got him 2 in the end, he didnt really know the difference.)
Sewing up a three year olds finger 
was no simple task.  They required he
be wrapped like a mummy in a sheet 
and pinned down so he couldn't move! It was a painful 45 minutes for everyone but Hayden did great.  
Hopefully, we can make it to the end
of the year without another visit to 
the ER!

This Year At Apple Hill

One of our family traditions is to go to Apple Hill in the Fall. We usually go before Halloween but this year we didn't make it until November. We visited a new spot this year, High Hill, which features a well stocked trout fishing pond that is an absolute rip off. They make you pay 8$ per pound for the fish you catch and fine you 100$ for throwing one back! Like anyone would even eat them.....who knows what they put in the water or feed them! There was lots of other fun stuff though and most importantly, lots of sweet apple treats!

Pond Fishing, Pony Rides and More!


Well, about 3 hours ago I started messing around on the computer and here it is almost 1 AM and I am still not happy. I wanted to respond to the few of you who asked how to put a different header on your blog. It was really quite an easy process, sort of. I just made the picture myself and then added it in the "configure header" section. My problem is Ill sit here for hours and hours trying to get the dumb thing to look right.........ugh, Im so tired I could cry. Im giving up now, this will have to do for now. I really wanted to post pictures of our recent emergency room visit (yes, dad brought the camera!), thanksgiving and more. Guess ill have to wait. Im out.