Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dennis the Menace Park

We discovered the coolest park ever in Monterey.
It was called Dennis the Menace Park and it had this big old rail car that they turned into a climbing structure for kids. Hayden could not get enough. They also had some really big slides but Halle did't think they were very fun. The view of the ocean was nice too!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Family Vacation

One of the perks of Brian's job is that we occasionally get to tag along with him on a business trip. This time we stayed with him during his conference in Monterey. We stayed in a sweet hotel and had a blast just hanging out. It was so fun to get away with the kids. I realized how consumed I am with my own stuff I have going on when at home. I am often so distracted and thus don't do as many fun things with the kids as I would like. Here's some pics of our trip. (BTW, that is supposed to "Monterey" on that photo, Im too lazy to go back and change it.)