Monday, March 24, 2008


This year seemed particularly stressful due to the fact that its next to impossible to get a picture of the four of us where everyone looks normal.  sigh......someday

We Finished!

Here's some pics of the big race.  We both finished and remained injury free which were the main goals.  I finished in 2:11 and Brian shortly after at 2:17.  The family was there to cheer us on at mile 11 and 12, just when we needed it the most! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"The Woodland Police Dept. locates a stolen vehicle after the driver led the Yolo County Sheriffs Dept. on a high-speed pursuit.  The driver reached speeds of 100 mph on Saturday morning, shaking off Sheriff's deputies cars near the Yolo-County Fairgrounds.  A Woodland Police K-9 unit located the suspected driver one block away on Gum St. and Barbara Way, where the suspect was taken into custody."
-Woodland Daily Democrat

We're really glad they finally caught this guy because the truck you see there is Brian's.  It was stolen from in front of our house at about 5 pm on Friday.  Thankfully it was returned to us but not after he dumped the entire contents of the truck including both our car seats, our best stroller, favorite sippy cups  and other necessary and favorite belongings.  These items have yet to be recovered.  I don't know that I would want them back now anyway not knowing where they've been.  Poor Brian was caring for the kids by himself last weekend when it happened. Such is life I suppose, worse things could have been.........

Halle Turns Two!