Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The day has finally come.  We have undergone a rite of passage into bonifide family life.  We are proud new pet owners (if you don't count our 2 Nemos, four chickens and 17 ants that no longer reside inside the ant farm thanks to Halle who ripped the lid off and let them escape, as pet which we really don't because, well, they're just not the same).  She won Hayden's affection after crawling into his lap as he and Brian were deciding which kitten to bring home.  She's a lap cat for sure and is particularly fond of me which excites me greatly because all I've ever wanted these days was someone else who wants to snuggle in my face while sleeping and sit on me all day long!
She was a gift to Halle (who, like Boo from Monsters Inc., affectionately calls anything soft "kitty" and is in love with animals in general which makes us want to move before she gets any older and decides she should go to Davis and become a vet! Not that there is anything wrong with Davis it's just that we have already made it really clear to our kids that they don't really have a choice but to attend Cal Poly) from her daddy which was really cute.  Hayden wanted to name her butterfly which we strongly opposed so we compromised and told him we could call her 'Mari' (properly pronounced MAU-dy for all you gringos like Brian), short for Mariposa which means butterfly in Spanish.  Here she is.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mama's Boy

I know that the relationship of a mother to her son involves something special and unique, something different than what is had between a mother and daughter.  Not having grown up with boys in the house, I had no idea of this special bond before my son was born.  I saw a glimpse of it in my husband and his mother but I could never had imagined what was in store for me.......... Full-blown obsession, him with me, that is .  What is a mother to do? The dilemma at hand seems of utmost importance.  At a time when young boys are "typically" disconnecting from their mothers and identifying more and more with their fathers and their shared masculinity, my son in no less interested in me.  I suppose I should be grateful for the undying affection knowing that there will come (and friends have reassured me that it WILL INDEED come) a time when he will want little or nothing to do with me, but I cant help but think that something needs to be done.  I've spent hours mulling over this, praying and reading (not always the best thing) and I have come to a pretty solid conclusion.  I will always gladly receive Hayden's love.  I will never reject or be ungrateful for his affection.  I will not always respond to him with the same sentimentality that he has with me.  When he adoringly tells me that he loves me so much I will matter of factly tell him how I feel about him.  I will continue to encourage him to bond with Brian in the best way I know how and I will continue to pray for their relationship.  As of now, this is all I can do.  I wonder if one day I will look back on all my concern and laugh and wish that I had cherished this time more........

A welcomed display of affection......posing for a few pictures without the cheeseball smile

Bug Watching

We went to the park yesterday for some kite flying in hopes of getting the thing off the ground.  All previous attempts had failed on account of lack of wind.  This time however, we realized that this problem may not have been the wind at all but rather the quality of the kite.  I guess thats what you get for $1.99 at Walmart.  Anyway, we decided to make use of a beautiful afternoon by hunting for bugs in an overgrown empty lot just up the street from the park.  The bug obsession is genetic apparently.  Im just glad we didn't come home with any pets!

Hayden was dressed for the occasion in camo.

Viewing the larva of some bug and listening to a lecture on its particular life cycle.  Thrilling!

The afternoon was almost ruined when Brian (jokingly) told Hayden to watch out for snakes! Not funny, dad!  

Halle need constant reassurance that the bugs would not hurt her.  She turned to her daddy, of course.

All we really found were ladybugs..............


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Break

This was the best spring beak I've had since college! Okay, its really the only "spring break" I've had since college but since Hayden didn't have preschool and I didn't have to teach dance (which restricts me from traveling anywhere during the week, ever) I felt FREE.  We hit the road to grandmas and had an action packed week filled with Shopping (of course, it's OC!), Disneyland, Hayden's first Major League baseball game (Go Angels!) and of course, the beach.  Whew. As if that wasn't enough, we left OC to join up with the rest of the Ganyo fam (and several friends) in Santa Cruz where Auntie Jenny ran a half marathon.  Here's a pic of me and the SIL after our races (I just ran the 10K, Im done with half marathoning for now!)

Old Stomping Grounds

We spent a weekend in SLO a few weeks a go.  I should say we spent the weekend in South SLO County because that seems to be the place to be these days! And we were glad to be there.  The company of good friends was like medicine.  We celebrated our brother in law's graduation from Cal Poly, reconnected with dear friends, and hit the beach (despite the freezing cold and windy weather) in hopes of some decent family photos.  Many thanks Kacy who bore the elements with us and managed to get quite a few good shots despite Halle's dreadful unwillingness to cooperate.  Here are a few of the only real family pics we have since Jenny and Ryan's wedding 16 mo. ago.