Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ballet and Basketball

I guess you could say we have little proteges.  It has been really fun to have the kids involved in activities.  It makes us feel so official in our familial roles by having to "take Hayden to soccer". We may have been a little too in to our newfound official-ness when we decided to have Hayden in B ball, soccer and gymnastics all at the same time.  He decided to cut out soccer with no influence from Brian, Im sure! Poor Halle's only thrill was to watch her brother in all his activities.  The second of two in a row inevitable gets the shaft when you compare all you did with the first. I decided we needed to do something together.  Ballet class, of course.  

The few weeks before the class started I had been telling Halle all about it and she was getting really amped.  When I was pregnant with Hal, the dancers I was teaching gave me a pair of ballet shoes (real ones) in the smallest size they make as a gift.  They have been in the back of the closet for 2.5 years until last week when I pulled them out and realized THEY FIT.  I almost cried.  I remembered when I got them thinking it was going to be sooooooo long before they would fit her.  The bittersweet day had come.   

So we tried on the shoes and her leotard and practiced plie and passe around the house.  When it came time for our first class we were very excited.  We rushed to get there on time only to realize that, although I had written all the info down on my calendar, my failing mom brain won again and we missed the class because it stated 45 minutes earlier.  It took everything with in me not to break down in tears right there in front of all the other moms and kids.  I had only begun to realize the depth of the vested emotion here.  After an unsuccessful first attempt, out of sheer desperation, I convinced the teacher (young high school gymnast), after telling her Halle was almost 3 (2 and 5 months counts as 'almost' right?) , to let her try to go in with the 4 and 5 year old class that was starting just then.  I was thinking in my head there was no way Halle would do it because this whole time we'd been talking about us dancing together but I was desperate for any sort of consolation in my grief.  To my utter surprise, she went right out there and joined the class.  She followed all the teachers instructions, did all the stretches and even the across the floor!  She was actually the most attentive one there.  I was totally shocked.  It was the most precious thing I had ever seen.  I cant begin to explain the emotion that was going on inside me.  All I know is that, as a dancer, watching your daughter in dance class for the very first time is SUPER intense.  Everything Halle did amazed me.  Poor Hayden who brought a backpack full of toys and books to occupy him did nothing but listen to me continually freak out as I was watching her.  It went something like this:
"Hayden! Look at your sister! Look at her batmas, she it totally doing it!......Hayden! Look at Halle! Look, she's already in first position, she knows exactly what to do!!!"
She lasted about 25 minutes until she came running to me saying "no more passe, mommy, no more passe".  It was good enough for me.  25 minutes was more than enough to get me rolling in all kinds of thoughts about whether Halle will really be good at Ballet (has my feet, bad news), what program I should put her in to begin and when, etc. etc.  I always just thought we'd give Ballet a try and see what happened.  If only it were really that simple!
I couldn't believe what had just happened to me.  The whole rest of the day I had this awe struck favor for Hal.  I was so so proud and it seems to cheesy but it was so real and intense. Like I said, I cant explain it but I have a feeling someone else might relate. 

As for basketball, it is a blast to watch but there are really no emotions here......
Just a whole lot of excitement and encouragement when he makes a shot like he did here!

Nice form, eh? (Like I'd know!)