Friday, July 11, 2008

New Babies

I'm back.  Having 2 new babies is the reason I've been gone for so long.  To be clear, there is ONE  in my belly - almost 14 weeks old now.  Praise God for His amazing gifts.  The other is Bellybou', Roseville's new and only maternity boutique, started by myself and friends, Katie and Haley, who is due August 11, now only some 4 weeks away! "Carrying" them both has made the last few months more than intense.  Example: life in the Ganyo house has been chaotic to say the least.  Things are beyond messy.  I cant find what I did with the 8 week ultasound pic of my baby and cant fathom taking the time to look for it let a lone scan and upload it here, SO....I googled "8 week ultrasound" and 'got a generic version for the sake of this post.  Terrible, I know, but it looked pretty of Bellybou' coming soon.  I hope to write more often but cant make any promises.