Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grand Opening

Last Sunday we had a grand opening celebration in our store. We formally invited a few people who have helped us in significant ways along the way but any and everyone was welcome (especially anyone who wanted to buy something!!!!). It was our chance to publicly recognize and thank those whose hard work we would not have survived without.
Here are some pics. I wanted to share so many because they help give a glimps of the "final product" that my last post was missing.

Bellybou' in the Making

So, FINALLY, I get around to posting some pics of Bellybou'. Unfortunately, I was afforded the time to do so only because of how terribly slow the first half of my day has been here in the store. I am working on Bellybou's very own blog, (which you can find in the link section here or by way of our website) and figured I should probably attend too mine a bit to since its been a shamefully long time.
Every so often during, the crazy madness of the weeks prior to opening, I would muster up the brain power to remember to bring the camera along with me to the store. Sadly, we only have a small collection of pics from a few tireless days of work on the interior decor but I wanted to share them because you can still really see the progression as we dressed walls, constructed furniture and brought in inventory. Be sure to check the blog for recent updates on our inventory here.