Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Pics

It's that time of year and every blog has them. We certainly couldn't go without.
You'll notice a few pics of our carvings in there - we were so bumbed because they rotten the very next day! We were really proud though, Hayden carved the bat. There is also a pic of a new family ritual - Bear rides up the stairs. Its so fun to watch the kids try to stay on all the way to their room. We have had a few casualties but nothing too serious yet.

Halloween Party

First, notice the number of kids in this picture. Then notice that they are in our back yard! We ended up with 27 (relieving compared to the 40 that were invited) kids at our house for Hayden and Halle's Halloween Party. I NEVER intended to get myself into such an undertaking. But, when I mentioned to Hayden that we could have a little Halloween Party and invite a some preschool friends, I didn't realize that to Hayden, 'preschool friends' means his whole entire class! As we sat down to decide who to invite, and I could tell that Hayden had no intention of discriminating between those he was "better friends" with than others, I knew we would be inviting ALL 31 friends. I was not about to encourage him to be selective, that day will come soon enough I'm sure.
It turned out to be a huge success. Brian was super helpful and built a tower of hay in the yard for the kids to climb and jump on. My mother in law saved the day by renting tables and chairs, baking all the cookies for decorating, facilitating many of the stations and most important, keeping the kids from entering the house with their glass of "spooky punch" which was lemonade with black food coloring and dry ice in it. It was a great opportunity to talk to Hayden about the role of being a host and serving people in our home, which coincidentally was the theme of the current unit in his AWANA curriculum. It was also a great opportunity for me to connect more with some of the other preschool moms that I don't know well. Moms of classmates is one of my main communities I am connected to these days and I know that it will remain so for some time as the kids get older. I really value the relationships that I have with other moms and look forward to times like these to further solidify them. It took a day or so to recover but we all survived and now I am feeling off the hook for any sort of Christmas festivity!

Psalty and the Pink Fishy

We had so much fun this Halloween and I must say I was very fulfilled by the costume selection. In previous years I have felt torn by my desire to keep things simple, not spend much money or energy on such an undeserving holiday but also wanting to take the opportunity to be creative, encourage creativity in my kids and live up to my moms standard of NEVER (not once in my whole childhood!) succumbing to the cheesy store bought commercial and licensed character costumes.
At first, I thought we would just reuse our costumes from last year because they all still fit. Sounded simple and better yet, FREE. Then Hayden kept telling me several different things he wanted to be, all of which would have been tough to pull off. But when he geniusly thought of dressing as Psalty the singing songbook, a beloved character in our family, I knew I was going to have to step up to the task. Despite a very busy October and little time to spend on it, I was pretty happy with the final product. I decided at the last minute not to make him wear blue tights and a leotard underneath. Halle said from the start, despite her choice of princess costumes already in her closet, that she wanted to be a pink fishy. I had to comply with her requests as well but you will notice from the pics that she wore several different outfits in for our pre-day activities because the fishy did not come to be until 1 hr before we left for trick or treating Friday afternoon. Halle and I went to the fabric store and she chose the exact fabric she wanted, this was the best I could do.
I must also write about how proud we were of Hayden. He wore his costume to his Halloween party, to his preschool field trip where they performed Halloween songs for the elderly at a retirement home, and all day on Halloween. It was awkward and cumbersome and I think at times he was a bit embarrassed knowing that his costume, especially among a group of 4 year olds, was very different. But, he stuck it out, confident in his excitement about being Psalty. It was also a fun opportunity to tell his friends (and for me to tell his friends parents) who he was supposed to be! Very few actually knew.
Enjoy the pics!


I cant help myself.  I was just reminded of my enthusiasm by the Sara Lee commercial that features the cast and I have to announce to that I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.  I dragged Brian to the theater to see it last weekend (he still hasn't forgiven me) and it was awesome.  The acting is horrible, the cheese is unbelievably sickening but the dancing and the ensemble pieces are so great.  And, its just good wholesome fun.  Go see it.

I'm Back.

Its been too long since I've had the time to sit down and blog.  We have been super busy around here or at least it feels like it because I have the energy level of a sloth these days (not to mention the physical resemblance).
But, at the present moment, I am sitting on the couch ALONE in the house watching Live with Regis and Kelly.  GLORY!!!!! I have some fun new pics to post so we'll see how far I get........
If you are one of the rare few who still actually check my blog despite the long silence, I thank you for staying interested.