Wednesday, May 27, 2009


For those who dont know, Elena joins me on my days working at Bellybou'. We have such a great time. It is so nice to have some solid time with just her. When at home there is very little time for me to just sit and hold her. She spends most of her time in and out of the car taxi-ing brother and sister around and if not that, she is usually hanging out on the floor or in the swing. But, at Bellybou, we talk and laugh and dance (only when really bored) and best of all...have impromptu photoshoots. I have recently spent countless hours in our studio (the dressing room) taking shots of all our inventory for our upcomming webstore (T-2 weeks till launch - stay tuned!!!) - i usualy get some good shots of Elena too.

Hayden Rides A Bike

Hayden just took off on his new bike as soon as we brought it home. No training wheels here (I cried when I first saw him do it, how did he get so big???)

Elena at 4 months

She has the most outrageous hair. It sticks straight up in a mohawk after its been washed (which, I wont lie, it not often). We just cant get enough of these precious faces!