Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Fav

This is my favorite pic from the girls birthday party. Sweet Halle was so anxious to greet each of her guests as they arrived. Precious.

Fairy Princess Tea

Little Fairy Princesses everywhere! Halle had so much fun at her birthday party. She was such a polite host and showed each of her guests to their seat to receive their wings. The big girls ate fairy PB&J (sunbutter for Hal, of course) and drank sparkling fairy tea (lemonade). The baby fairies tried their best not to get trampled on. Elena really enjoyed her cake as you can see. She also really liked the candles and wanted to touch them - luckily we avoided that disaster. (Never mind Halle's monkey PJ pants in the cake pics - she spilled tea all over her other ones and insisted on changing.)

First Goose Egg (Before and After)

There we were in the kitchen taking Elena's picture. I was turned the other way setting something up and she falls right off the chair and smacks her head on the floor. Notice the nice pretty forehead above and the gnarly bump below. Needless to say, we were done after this.....

Elena Turns One

I still can't believe my baby is ONE. Oh, how it goes by fast. It is so exciting to watch her get older and learn new tricks, recognize her loved ones, interact more and more with her bother and sister and develop all the more into her own little person. If I had to use one word to describe Elena it would be 'FUN'. She is just oodles and oodles of fun. She is always looking for a good time (a potentially dangerous trait in years to come) and hates to miss a thing. She has brought so much joy to each of our lives. I wish she could stay this small forever but, alas, she is well on her way to 14. sigh. All I can do is try my best to soak in all her baby glory and capture as much of it as I can for memories sake. Love, love love all these precious faces.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Alas, it has been longer than my already regrettable 3 month intervals between postings. Yet, I have not given up completely.....
As I sit here in the living room of this house I've called home for the last year and a half, probably for the last time, I am reminded of some of the reasons I appreciate moving. Here they are:
1) Major purging of the massive accumulation of unnecessary stuff that inevitably occurs over time particularly with the raising of children.
2) The few hundred dollars acquired as a result of selling it at a garage sale.
3) Greater focus. All the petty, unimportant things I am often distracted by in my days don't stand a chance of grabbing my attention when packing 2100 sq. ft of stuff is in order. Strangely, I feel more focused, single-minded and thus, calmer.
4) All normal demands of daily life are okay to put on hold. Its fine that I have not exercised in 3 weeks, haven't cleaned an inch in over a month, have practically abandoned the kitchen all together and fed my children fast food more times in the past 2 weeks than in I have in their whole lives thus far. It's all good......cuz "we're moving". I love the way those two little words exonerate me from so much I would normally be held responsible for.
5) Major reorganization. Moving things from one space to another provides the opportunity to sort and reorganize - a dearly beloved but often neglected past time of mine. Everything from the craft cupboard to the silverware drawer have been attended to and it feels great.
5) Help from my friends. There is always something special about having your network of friends and community band together and come to your aid. I am reminded that we are loved and cared for.
6) Lastly, I am grateful for moving because it has continued, over the past several weeks as we have anticipated this transition, to remind me that my TRUE HOME is not in any house on this earth, no matter the heart, soul and countless personal touches that are put into it AND that my family is not established nor defined by any place of dwelling. The unfortunate reality is that my natural inclination would be to invest more time an energy into the four walls that surround me than my intimate relationship with Christ, my heart's true home, and at times , I pay more attention to the appearance of their spaces than I do the inner workings of my children's' souls. LOVE, TOGETHERNESS, and UNITY within a family are built with tireless effort yet have little connection to a physical building. Too often I define myself by my house - the pressure and coercion to do so is great in this country and I have many a catalogue to prove it. When you are always on the move it makes little sense to invest much resource in what wont last. Really, isn't that how we should see it anyway?
So, there you have it. I am glad for this process of packing, purging, cleaning, sorting, organizing and pondering. Can't say I am eager to do it again anytime soon, but this time around, I cant complain. The key to having a sane mind and grateful heart during a move????........NOT BEING PREGNANT! as I was for 3 of our last 4 moves. Off to finish up.