Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You Are One Amazing Dad (and husband) If You.........

.... get your daughter ready for the Father/Daughter Dance all by yourself - including removing sponge rollers and hair spraying hair - and also get yourself ready - while watching all 3 kids.
.... you take all 3 kids to Costco. Or Target.  Ever.
.... you, on your own with not even a hint from your wife, discover how very low both your daughters are on much needed tights and decide to take all the kids to Target to buy some new ones.  And you buy all the right sizes and colors so your wife does not have to go back and exchange anything.
.... you decide its time to take down the baby's crib and put up her big girl bed after first cleaning the (toy ravaged) room - with no help or request from your wife - while also watching all 3 kids.
... you notice the straggly ends of the baby's hair and decide its time she needs a little trim - cut it yourself (impeccable job) and blow dry to make sure it looks good - while on your own with the kids.
... you successfully grocery shop your own, with all 3 kids.
... you are willing to fill in at your wife's maternity shop so she can spend a little much needed time with the kids - despite your agonizing fear of having to help customers with items such as nursing bra's and pregnant pantyhose -  and having to wrap purchased items in tissue before placing them in bags.
... you take both your daughters with you to your work Christmas Party - in Fresno - even when your mom offers to watch them instead - and stop along the way to pick up some children's laxative for one who is a little constipated.  
... you send your wife frequent and detailed updates - often including pics and videos - to her while she is away so she can know all that went on in the day. (She loves the details)
... you do all of these things with a happy and willing heart.

I love you, Brian.


Mama G said...

Way to go Brian!

Coalwell Family said...

You are the man Brian! : )

Jen Jarvis said...

Ahhh, so sweet! Brian is such a great dad! I love that he cut Elena's hair.... I would freak out if JJ did that alone!! Miss you guys too :)